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Spanish lessons for beginners

If you are willing to dive into this beautiful language, we offer you a program for beginners. It is a course from Universidad de Alcalá & Instituto Miguel de Cervantes, both institutions with an amazing reputation.

Spanish for beginners is mainly designed for new students. It enhances your skills and requires continuous practice from your side, and not only during the class, but also at home.

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All levels: A1 to C1

We teach you Spanish as a Foreign Language, and attend from starters to proficients (C1). Spanish is widely used, and we train you via Zoom taking care of your progress.

Even those who need help in specific fields or careers’ jargon are studying with us, because our certified teachers have solid professional backgrounds.

We can help you learn Spanish in a fast pace.

What differentiates LB English School from other language academies?

As you may know, all academies have courses for beginners though most of them are non-official. Their participants sometimes get disappointed when using the language on the go, ignoring most grammar rules and not being able to build complex sentences.

Sure they will not understand the cultural subtleties and will be forced to laugh after uncomprehensive joking. What makes us different is that we help you get a strong grammar foundation that allows you to develop your voice.

So, with this course your goal is set to reach level B1 as per CEFR standards (click here).

Becoming social-competent while learning

Even from lesson one, our professors will offer you common expressions. LetÔÇÖs assume that you want to order a hotdog in Latin America. Well, such an item has the following names depending on the country you are visiting: perro caliente, completo, pancho, or just hotdog.

Moving forward, you will get language-tricks to have engaging conversations. It might sound crazy but: Hola qu├ę tal pap├í, ┬┐me das un perrito por favor? could be translated as Hi, how you doinÔÇÖ Dad, may I have a little dog please? Neither that food truck employee is your father, nor you eat puppies. Cool huh?.

By the way, calling a person Dad or Daddy is an informal expression that means amigo (friend) having nothing to do with parenthood. ­čÖâ

Una chica morena cabello corto, con gafas de lectura grises bien femeninas y zarcillos rojos suelta una carcajada a la c├ímara, tiene una camisa sobria negra con cuello y pu├▒os blancos. Sostiene una taza de caf├ę, se notan sus dos anillos, brazalete y u├▒as pintadas de un color rosado delicado. De fondo, se notan estantes de libros, como si estuviese en un caf├ę-libro.

Looking for a custom Spanish program?

Touch the ‘Learn More’ button to receive an invitation to our Spanish classes plus a quote. We have several choices for you, depending on your language domain-level.

So, when the time is right, you will make the correct decision to reach your language-goal.

Are willing to learn Spanish as a foreign language?

To get specific details about our languages academy LB Englis School, hit the Learn more button above, or contact us below. From now on, you may count on us.

Learning Spanish is fun. ­čśë

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