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Spanish immersive lessons in Ecuador

Spanish Immersive Lessons in Ecuador is our newest educational program. It is only for adventurous people who want to experience what nature and other cultures have to offer. Latin America is a region visited by millions, yet a great place to discover.

And here in Ecuador, our headquarters are located in a beautiful city that holds a “World Heritage Site” recognition. Known for its cultural & historical importance, Quito lays at 2,800 meters above sea level, with a lot of places to enjoy.

A tourist wearing nothing but shortpants jumps to the water in an amazonian river

Learn Spanish & Have fun in Ecuador

We want to wipe out the old-fashioned methods for language training, and with this immersion experience, we aim for a unique approach to impact you on a journey.

And big companies invest in coaching for the best employees. Thus, we propose an all-in package for your committed collaborators.

What this tour offer may include:

  • Daily Spanish Lessons for effective communication, as per our accelerated pace training.
  • A tour to the equator, where the official 0° 0′ 0” latitude coordinate is. That is the middle of this planet!
  • A day in San Francisco de Quito, a historic center known as the best-preserved architecture from the Spanish invasion to the Americas.
  • Hot spring baths in Papallacta, discovering a very tropical humid landscape.
  • Canopy (ziplining) in Mindo, a forest valley where you can go rafting, hiking, tubing, horseback riding, mountain biking, birdwatching, among other sensational activities.
  • Whale watching in San Mateo, Manabí.
  • Dancing classes, plus a visit to a Salsa Palace.

And much more, you can build your pack!

Will I learn some Spanish?

Yes, you will. LB English School has developed several programs for effective language-learning: a Spanish course for beginners, another one for those looking for fluency, and finally, the training that will challenge you the most: Advanced Spanish.

Apart from these courses, this tour aims to enjoy a short stay while improving your communication skills. Visiting Ecuador can be a delightful dream come true.

And if you want to learn about the CEFR levels just click here in order to set your language goal.

Living & learning boost

You have no idea how many variations Spanish have, and discovering funnier ways to name objects, subjects, or situations is sensational. You will laugh with the locals, but also will find tourists from all origins doing the same: enjoying Ecuador.

Un adolescente salta y abre sus brazos con una playa en pleno atardecer, dibujándose su silueta como penumbra en símbolo de la anónima libertad.

I’m so ready to enjoy this powerful experience!

Please touch the ‘Learn More’ button to get your quote. We have several choices for you, depending on your budget and availability.

You will make the correct decision to reach your language-goal.

We offer a discount on groups!

Learning a second language will boost your opportunities, and traveling to Ecuador will blow your mind. We believe that while there are high inflation rates, the best investment is in yourself: Knowledge.

Learning Spanish is fun😉

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