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Advanced Spanish

Yes, you got it right: an advanced Spanish course. How often have you seen academies offering it? Official distributors allow us to incorporate the best content for nourishing your vocabulary and polishing your skills to glow.

How do I know if I am ready for this level?

Just in case you were jus looking for a course, we have several programs to learn Spanish, including:

Un médico de raza afroamericana con su bata y un estetoscopio sonríe mientras usa una iMac, aparentemente disfrutando lo que hace en su computador.

Work, travel, teach, translate.

All the Spanish-training resources are designed by the Universidad de Alcalá (Spain), which will take you from level B1 up to C1, depending on your commitment to our plan.

Do you know how far this course can take you?

See CEFR levels here.

Interactive classes

Most academies deceive when offering cheaper plans, crowded sessions, and no follow-ups. So, we decided to satisfy every student, raising the bar even beyond the regular standard by providing a custom twist during each class.

And regarding our service customization, LB English School cares about your progress. Our professors will increase the class’s intensity based on your performance. Raising the bar is what makes us a better choice for you.

Una joven atractiva de cabello largo y blusa suelta apoya su rostro en el dorso de sus dedos, mostrándose femenina frente a un computador portátil, como si estuviese en una videollamada. Tiene un vaso de café en la mesa, esos que sirven en cafeterías para conversar.

Fluent, or Bilingual in Spanish? It’s up to you

Make your decision for growing, you deserve it. But please, find within yourself solid reasons to embrace a personal growth path.

Commitment is necessary since the method is for those who truly want to master this language.

We are ready to teach you. Find your why first.

Remember, some mental problems 🤷‍♂️ are prevented by keeping yourself learning. There are many reasons to master a second language. Find yours, or talk to us.

Learning Spanish is fun. 😉

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